I'm Thee worst I will say when it comes to going to the dentist. My fear level is off the charts!!!! Here I'm understood and treated appropriately. I have sent other family and friends here....

The office staff are great as well... I cannot say enough about this experience and now I'm NOT afraid to go back.

Awesome! I am treated with such care and respect! They are gentle, fast, the work on my teeth is done well and thoroughly, and I experience no pain! They answer every question with the utmost professionalism and they take every concern very seriously. They are very accommodating to those with high anxiety and take great care to make sure I am as comfortable as possible!

My many years with Whitlow Dental Care have been great! No one believes that my teeth are not my own natural teeth. Thank you for your expertise, work, and dedication.

Dr. Boyd, the hygienist, and the entire staff were professional and helpful in being able to achieve a great smile. My top front teeth have always been unattractive my entire life. Thanks to Dr. Boyd and his staff, I now have a great smile. This has greatly improved my life.

The staff at Dr. Whitlow make you feel great. They are so friendly. They do wonderful work. Its a pleasure to come and have the work needed on your teeth.

I have had dental issues my entire life. When you can't smile due to missing or no teeth it changes who you are. I can't explain the excitement I feel knowing after my treatment with Dr. Whitlow that will all be over. When everyone who loves you is excited too you know you life will forever be changed. Now my smiles matches my personaility! Thank you for my life back.

I never thought I could smile with the carefee ease I had when I was younger. I am so grateful to Dr. Whitlow. He really listened and he and his staff made sure I was comfortable with every step of the process. Not an hour after I was done a stranger complimented my "beautiful smile!" What more can I say? Hooray for Dr. Whitlow!

I love the staff and Dr. Whitlow! I was afraid to have dental work done and Dr. Whitlow is very gentle, quick, and PAINLESS!! Thank you for my beautiful smile! Everyone go to Whitlow Dental Care!

My implants feel real and I like my appearance. They make me feel better about talking to people. I can eat everything and feel comfortable. I love them!

They are so natural I forget they are implants!

I love them!

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